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The Ultimate Neil Diamond Show




PERFORMING SUN, NOV 1st and 29th 2020

***Advance Dinner Reservations Required - Space is extremely limited with current COVID social distancing requirements. $10 entertainment fee per person with credit card guarantee. 100% goes to entertainers!
All of our entertainers have been performing without pay and only for tips since May. We applaud their tenacity and are so grateful for their efforts. But as this pandemic continues, we need your help to support live music in our community during these challenging times.***

 Neil Diamond, the legendary icon, is now entering his 5th decade of music with over 400 songs and 46 albums to his credit. His songs are about love and friendship, loneliness and joy, freedom and sorrow. It is the purity of his message that has allowed him to last for so long.

So how do you top perfection? Impossible! With the unsurpassed talents of Neil Diamond, one can only hope to come close. That is the remarkable talent of Neil Zirconia. He has expertly captured the essence and the passion of Neil Diamond, with all of the movements, expression, style and music that has made Neil Diamond the greatest entertainer of our time.

Neil Zirconia will take you on an exciting journey down memory lane, that only Neil himself can inspire. He will hold your attention with an on stage presence and charisma that is pure Neil. Not to mention his unique baritone voice and singing ability that so amazingly resembles Neil Diamond, you won't believe your ears. The likeness is extraordinary. Neil Zirconia has perfected all the emotion, excitement and the magic that is Neil Diamond.

People of all ages are touched by the power of his words and the beauty of his music. Neil Zirconia's impeccable professionalism and the ability to remain true to THE SOLITARY MAN, will give everyone an evening to treasure, filled withYESTERDAY'S SONGS and BEAUTIFUL NOISE.

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